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About Us:

In 1998 we took a big step of Faith & started The Jesus Way. God has blessed us with 3 amazing children,  Desirae 23, Josiah 21 &  Brandon 19 yrs.   We work together as a family in India serving the poorest of the poor and living every day to make a difference in the lives of the people here!  Although we are surrounded with great need on every side, it is so rewarding to see lives be completely transformed by the Love of God!  We are thankful to be a part of extending that love to the people around us!  We are truly living our dreams!

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Although each area that we are working in is very significant to us, currently we

are focusing on the opportunity in front of us to rescue so many "At Risk"

children through the school & orphanage! Currently we have 400+ orphan,

semi orphan, poor & underprivileged “At-Risk” children.


The Jesus Way Intl. was started by Mathew & Angel Meagher in 1998.  It is a Registered Trust  in India. Some of our main focuses are:

1.   *Orphanage for "At Risk" & abandoned children!

2.  *Government recognized English Medium High School for poor under-

privileged children,  beggars, labor & backward class children.​

3.  *FREE Medical & Eye glass clinics for Aids awareness, Diabetes, BP etc.

as well as giving  free medicine & eye glasses.

4.  *Food & Clothes distribution to widows, handicapped, elderly & poor families.


Our organization targets meeting the practical needs of the poor, underprivileged & outcast of India to improve their overall standard  of life & provide an opportunity for them to break the cycle of poverty & illiteracy!




Unfortunately in India:


*Almost 2 Million children die in India every year before reaching their first birthday.  800,000 children die every year from easily  preventable diseases like diarrhea.  Children from over 100 Million families live without running water at home, while 150 Million families live in houses without electricity.

*Less than half of India's children between the ages of 6-14 have access to primary education. They work simply because they have no other alternative.   Only 60% of India's children reach 5th grade, and many of those "completing" primary school cannot read or write.


*100 Million child laborers in India work in hazardous or exploitative conditions.  They work 12-15 hours a day & earn less

 than a dollar a day. They work with explosives, metals & poisonous gases from the age of 3-4 yrs old.  15 Million of these

 children are bonded labor!


*Poor bonded families often "sell" their children to contractors who promise them lucrative jobs in the cities and the children

 end up being employed in brothels, hotels & domestic work.  Many run away and find a life on the streets where they are 

 lured into what they "think" is a safe home, only to be maimed & crippled for life to be used as beggers or sold into sex work.  

*There are approximately 2 Million child commercial sex workers between the age of 5-15 yrs, & about 3.3 Million between

 the age of 15-18 yrs!   71% of them are illiterate & 500,000 children are FORCED into this trade every year!

It's time to stop looking the other way & start making a difference in these young lives!  By providing a Safe, Loving Home & Good strong education, we can stop letting these precious children just become tragic statistics, & instead become success stories that can bring change to their world!

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